Teeth Cleaning For Dogs

Courtney Penner does dog teeth cleaning

Courtney Penner does dog teeth cleaning without anesthetics

One of the most unusual services that lead groomer Courtney Penner provides at Lil Snippers Dog grooming is teeth cleaning for dogs without any anesthetics at all. Her teeth cleaning for dogs clinics are popular and the limited appointments fill up quickly. We suggest that you call now to reserve your dog’s teeth cleaning session soon as these will fill up quickly. Call now (604) 846-3647.

See these two videos where you can watch and listen to her as she answers some frequently asked questions about this great service. Below are some of the common questions about dog teeth cleaning that she answers in these videos.


Video 1 (Click to see video)

1) Can you describe what a teeth-cleaning without anesthesia for a dog looks like?

2) Are you any different than what a vet would do?

3) Isn’t working inside a dog’s mouth risky?

6) Do you clean both the outsides and the insides of the dog’s teeth?

7) How many teeth does my dog have?

8) Do you use clean tools for each dog?


Video 2 (Click to see video)

1) Would I be able to see the difference in my dog’s teeth after you’re finished?

2) From start to finish how long does it take you to do a dog’s teeth?

3) How much does a dog teeth cleaning cost?

4) What’s the best way for me to clean my dog’s teeth?

5) How often should I be brushing my dog’s teeth?

6) What’s the best food for my dog’s teeth?

7) What type of chew toys are best for my dog’s teeth?